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Our Fees

Stay informed about our transparent and competitive fees. At Jibril Immo, we believe in transparency and fairness in our pricing. Discover our clearly defined service fees and our client-centered approach.

When selling as a private individual, you are on your own in trying to accurately estimate the correct value of your real estate property. The primary role of a real estate agent is to precisely establish the right price range for your home. By using the knowledge of a professional in their geographical area, you have access to information on similar sales that have recently concluded. In the current context, this can be a very valuable aid to prevent your sale from dragging on and ultimately causing you to lose time and money.

Utilizing the services of a real estate agency means wisely using expertise for the initial estimation and for any necessary adjustments based on feedback and the evolution of the local market. It means having a professional who dedicates time and availability to communicate, to engage with their contacts, to conduct visits, and to know how to highlight the strengths of your property. This also provides the legal knowledge of a professional in this type of transaction.

Sale / Purchase Transaction

Real estate transaction for the purchase or sale of a property, involving the seller and the buyer.

What is included

  • Professional appraisal of the property
  • Preparation of legal documents
  • Organization of viewings
  • Coordination with notaries or lawyers
  • Financial advice
  • Management of administrative formalities

Our fees

2,5% excl. VAT

2.5% excl. VAT (3% incl. VAT) on the total value of the property payable by each party: Seller and Buyer.

Long-Term Rental

Long-term rental offer to meet your medium or long-term housing needs.

What is included

  • Real estate management
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Property search
  • Contract negotiation

Our fees

1 month excl. VAT

1 month excluding taxes of the rental amount payable by each of the parties: Tenant and Landlord

Why choose our agency?

Because we offer in-depth expertise, excellent market knowledge, and personalized customer service, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional experience in all your real estate transactions.


We strive to simplify your real estate transaction by using our real estate agent services.


We emphasize securing your real estate transaction by using our real estate agent services.


By using our real estate agent services for your real estate transaction, you benefit from optimal efficiency.

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